Furnace Repair & Installation

Furnace Repair & Installations

Furnace Repair Service | Installations

Heating problems in Jarrell are no joke. You need your furnace to run flawlessly year-round to contend with the area’s plunging fall and winter temperatures.

But if something goes wrong, you’re not alone. You can always reach out to Titan HVAC Services LLC. Our team is ready and willing to assess your furnace and recommend any repair services to bring the system back to working order. We can even equip your home with a new furnace so that you can stay warm and save money on your monthly energy bills.

Repairing Common Furnace Problems

When the Jarrell winter arrives, you want to know that your furnace is operating as it should. Any damage to your system can spell cold days for you and your family. That’s where Titan HVAC Services LLC steps in. Our team can help you contend with the following issues:

  • Dirty filters
  • Wear and tear
  • Failing ignitions or pilot controls
  • Malfunctioning thermostats
  • Over-cycling
  • Noisy furnaces

We can even come out to your home to conduct regular furnace inspections to stay on top of potential furnace damage. That way, not only does your furnace stay in pristine condition, but you also save money on repairs.

When to Install a New Furnace

If your furnace is on the older side, or if it’s damaged beyond repair, our team can help you find a replacement.

Furnace Repair & Installations

Reduce Your Energy Bill

A new furnace does more than keep your home warm in the winter. It can also lower the monthly energy bill for your home.

Working with Titan HVAC Services LLC

If you’re concerned about how much repairing or installing a furnace can cost, you may feel tempted to take on the work alone. However, DIY furnace repair and installation not only costs more than most professional services but can also put the overall integrity of your home at risk.

Instead, reach out to the Titan HVAC Services LLC to discuss what furnace installation or repair may cost you. After an initial consultation, we can provide you with a quote on the services you’re most interested in. After spending time with our estimate, you can get back to us about what kind of work you want us to do. We even make financing available to those clients who need our services but want to pay via a payment plan.

Don’t let furnace damage get out of control. Get in touch with a Titan HVAC Services LLC representative today to schedule your next home inspection.

Are some furnaces better than others?

Definitely. The best furnaces are efficient. They keep a home warm and comfortable. They provide steady, dependable performance year after year. And they are quiet, long-lasting and low in service frequency and cost.

When considering a new furnace, the features to look for include:

  • Heat exchangers that resist corrosion
  • Direct-drive blower units
  • Induced draft blowers
  • Pressure switches
  • An insulated blower compartment

A high-efficiency furnace generally wears a higher price tag, but it can make up the difference by reducing operating costs over the long run. And with today’s consumer interest in efficiency, such equipment enhances the bottom line of your home.